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Sensefly eBee Classic

$12000.00 (CAD)

  • Posted 04/19/19
  • Location: Moncton, NB E3A 9M9
  • Category: Drones & UAVs
  • Condition: Used

Why choose the eBee Classic?
The senseFly eBee Classic is a fully autonomous and easy-to-use mapping drone. Use it to capture high-resolution aerial photos you can transform into accurate orthomosaics (maps) & 3D models.

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The eBee Classic can cover up to 12 km2 (4.6 mi2) in a single automated mapping flight, while flights over smaller areas, at lower altitudes, can acquire images with a ground sampling distance of down to 1.5 cm (0.6 in) per pixel

The eBee Classic is the easiest to use mapping drone on the market—just throw it into the air. It then flies, captures images and lands itself. No piloting skills required!

The eBee Classic weighs just 700 g (1.5 lb), vastly minimising its kinetic energy. Plus, senseFly’s cutting-edge autopilot manages a wide range of intelligent failsafe behaviours.

The eBee Classic package contains all you need to start mapping: RGB camera, 4 batteries, radio modem and UAV

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